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“Live, Light Performance Painting.”

In a few weeks time I am embarking some exciting collaborative and intimate performances in London, Oxford and Newcastle. Some of these will be an exciting  collaboration with the Centre of Visual Music on some Salon evenings . These performances will focus on light and the ephemeral quality of paint, and the capturing of time and resonate with the collection of films being shown, including a rare film by Jordan Belson.

Paint, coloured light and Shadow

Performance Light Painting

Performance in Coloured Light

Electro Party Performance

Painting Performance in Coloured Light

Live Light Painting

My recent performances have ¬†concentrated upon the voice together with painting, and upon the raw visceral vulnerability and the element of power created through this. A while ago now I met the Philosopher and writer Jonathan Ree who wrote a great book while ago now called “I See a Voice” which looked at the many layered phenomenon of the voice. It is a great book and I have been re reading this in connection with this upcoming work. There have been some great exhibitions of late, my personal favourite lately being a showing at the Barbican of Ragnar Kjartansson who ¬†heroically navigated a dodgy connection Skype talk with Carollee Schneeman I experienced at a showing of her work in Reykjavik of which I was involved with last year.


Carollee Schneeman- Kinetic Painting.

Wallace Stevens-Collected Poetry.

Hans Ulrich Obrist – A Brief History of New Music.

Jonathan Ree- I See a Voice.

Listning to:

Cleveland Watkiss. All material.

Sonny Sharrock- Black Woman

Shabaka and the Ancestors- Wisdom of The Elders.

Mark Clive de Lowe- Blue Note remix.

Quantic-Flowering Inferno.

Portia Winters-Epicotyl

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