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“Everyone you have loved”

This latest textural, site specific and complex performance piece was performed last year immediately prior to the Pandemic. It is a Sensory, celebratory improvisation between myself,  dancer and artist Lavinia Cascone, singers Maggie Nicols and Portia Winters and Sound Artist/Composer Dr Emmanuel Lorien Spinelli and I believe it is an exciting development in my performative work to date. This particular collaboration was borne from my close relationship formed over the past ten years with Portia and Emmanuel.

All Those you Have Loved

It was performed amongst special guests who freely circulated around the recently built modernist architecture and  immersive space in which the performance took place. The event centred around the central space of the Make designed building which is infact outside. The performance begins with myself working from the outside, and reacting with the dance, sound and movement which was happening inside. We eventually come together seamlessly flowing from inside to outside the building. The main premise for the wholly improvised piece was to convey the immaterial spirits of sound and of Colour and ends with coloured smoke, which is in part a gesture of homage to the great Judy Chicago who is personally inspiring. Her use of smoke became way of feminising the landscape.

The title of the film comes from a song poem that Maggie wrote and which she spoke at the very start of the performance inspired by dialectical materialism when exposed to Engels’ “Dialectics of Nature.”

“All in a moment,

Everything you’ve been and done

There in a moment

Caught in a moment

Everyone you’ve loved and known lives in those moments.

“The text I use in the film documentation is from James Joyce’s visually inspiring “Finnegans Wake” of which I have been drawing inspiration from lately and also the great visual poem I love by Tom Paulin on Jackson Pollock  called “I am Nature” which reflects upon Jackson Pollock in particular relation to his upbringing and ancestry. This all seemed to resonate well to the premise of the performance.

There are many special moments for me within this performance. The first being when the dance and sounds from the interior come to the exterior. An Audience member afterwards told me that there was a moment, when the focus altered from all sensory elements becoming whole and towards the painting. Another moment comes when we all become part of the painting itself, and there is a lovely passage when things seem to slow down and become almost as if choreographed. Towards the very end of the performance Maggie and Portia’s voices come into the front of the mix as blue smoke surrounds the space and all parts come together as one.

I hope you enjoy this special improvisational complex and textural performance.

Everyone you have Loved. 2020/21

June 2021.

POSTED: 05/19/21 2:56 PM