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“Transformation and the Cube of Emotion.”

A few years ago I showed a documentary photograph of a performance of mine to a close friend  unfamiliar with my recent work. It was assumed that the image they were looking at was a painting of mine, whereas in actual fact it was a documentary photograph of me in the act of painting. This made me think of how my own body and the images produced are interconnected and how the image is perceived. It also made me think of how my own body can portray the subjectivity of performance in physical and metaphysical ways.

The body  is becoming more intrinsic to my work and practice recently, and I am continually working on a series of short films in the Studio exploring this theme. I am looking at the work of Carolee Schneemann, and Jack Smith in connection to this too, and of course the links to music. In particular concentrating on Shneemann’s work with composer James Tenney.

Performance Painting

Body and Performance

Here below are some stills from the films I am continuing to work on at the moment,  showing my own actions in the studio, in nature and in painting.

Selecting of Music and sound in the studio

Selecting Sound

En Plein Air Painting

En Plein Air Painting

Performance Painting En Plein Air

En Plein Air Painting

The collaborations I form in my work are what Ryan Trecartin in a recent talk with Hans Ulrich Obrist stated  ”opening up a landscape of possibilities, rather than a final vision”   and create transformations across the art-forms via performance. The paintings and the images produced are often destroyed, becoming a bi product of the whole experience in itself. I  enjoy this notion that Painting itself, becomes all encompassing and at yet at the same time inconsequential. In the first Gutai exhibition (the exhibition in the Sky),  paintings were submitted to be let off with balloons and watching  Jordan Belson, James Whitney’s and Len Lye’s magnificent films the eye captures beautiful images which last for fleeting seconds before moving on and into others. (Visual Music). All this feeds my thoughts and ideas about the capturing of time within my own work.

There is an interesting and relevant group show on at the ICA shortly on the premise of Painting being part of a multidisciplinary act, named “Beware Wet Paint”.

Many my ideas often start with a box, containing my ideas.  My Studio is in itself like a box, containing many of my projects. I made mention in an earlier blog to the work of Wally Hendrick,  whose performance box, “The War Room”  made such an impression on me. Since then, I have been looking at lots of boxes.  In the last few years, i’ve noticed in particular ones by Paul McCarthy and Mathew Day Jackson as well as older examples such as Joseph Cornell, of whose boxes I have always loved and was reminded slightly of when looking at Anselm Kiefer’s vitrines the other day. There is a good article just written about them Cornell’s boxes and film . I have also been reading about Hugo Lovheim’s cube of Emotion, which also seems to open a link between the cube and my own performances.

However it is really the idea of the concept of a performance and then that simply being packaged as a product (a cube) . I will be showing these works and films soon.

Listning to:

Andrea Keller: Wave Rider.

Gillian Weir: Messiaen Organ Music.

Mira Calix: Elephant in the Room.

Aphex Twin: Syro

Lost Midas: Off the Course.

Mark de Clive Lowe: Church and Take the Space Train.

Vinko Globkar: Improvisations.


Where The Heart Beats- John Cage and the inner Life of Artists-Kay Larson.

Telling Tales- Amit Chaudhuri.

Jan Fabre- The Years of the Hour Blue.

Hans Ulrich Obrist- A brief History of Modern Music.

September 23rd 2014.

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