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The Jasmin. (Part 1)

Whether it’s dusk

or dawn’s first light

the Jasmin stays

always white.

By Giorgos Seferis

late evening sunlight on body and rope.

Evening light upon Body and Rope.

Movement/action with light and rope.

Performance. 2017 (Act of Remembering.)

Performance in an empty house, late in the evening. Movement with Rope.… Read On »

Sound Painting.

In an event a few years ago now, I worked with a poet and a composer in Sheffield. It was a pivitol exploratory moment for me as for the first time, I  focussed onRead On »

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“Correspondences Between the Arts.”6pm Wolfson College, 21st October 2011. with Siobhan Davies and Michael Stanley

A discussion at Wolfson College with Siobhan Davies (Choreographer) and Michael Stanley (Director of Modern Art Oxford) looking at visual art and movement and in particular Siobhan Davies’s work Commissions which opens in November.

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