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Singing Colour, Action and Performance.

In my most recent collaborative Painting performances  interventions and actions I  have been utilising both moving light and transparent materials, such as  celaphane and polyeurathene which is  transparent, immersive and disposable, and discarded at the… Read On »

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Correspondences 15(ii)

One of My favourite sounds at the moment is rain pouring relentlessly outside, some of it dripping into buckets, placed perfectly in a my decaying leaking mouldy studio. Messiaen’s Birdsong, plucked from my Pram… Read On »

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New Year I Pad Assemblages.

I have recently been working on my I Pad, on some images based around various pieces of Music. I have for a long time been collecting objects and making Assemblages, which for me resonate with… Read On »

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