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House Of St Barnabas (Performance Stills)

This performance came about from when I saw Cleveland at the meltdown festival some years ago performing a re envsioning of John Coltrane’s Love Supreme. His solo was incredible, and like other moments when I… Read On »

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Real Time Sensory Art Performance in Iceland.

I recently staged a performance as part of the Sequences (Real Time Art) Festival in Reykjavik in Iceland . Here are some stills from a forthcoming film by Haarvard Helle of that performance, in which… Read On »

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“Continuous Flow”

When working on artwork with people with severe mental illness, I always placed a great importance on stressing that a piece was not to be finished, and that the process was much more important than… Read On »

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Performance Painting

It is just a couple of weeks since my painting performance at the Modern Art Oxford. I felt it was a great success and it has given me many new ideas and new directions.… Read On »

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Modern Art Oxford, Performance Painting

Post Image 13/09/2011
Lascaux Acrylic
Upper Floor gallery Modern Art Oxford

All Photo's by Sisi Burn

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Performance at Modern Art Oxford, 7.30,13th September 2011

“Two Hours Only”, Performance Painting. A performance in the upper galleries by¬†Mark Rowan-Hull with contemporary composers¬†Roger Redgate and Emmanuel Lorien Spinneli exploring gesture, movement, time, colour and the interactive process… Read On »

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