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Tableau Vivent’s,Live Streaming and Assemblages.

I am intrigued by the idea of Live Streaming, and am planning to experiment with this over the coming months. I am already active on Twitter, but also think it would be great to stage some live performances from my studio in the coming months, and involve my practice via social media networks also using Soundcloud for new sound pieces.

Morning Light in Studio

Early morning Sunlight.

Studio Ephemera

Painting on Perspex competed in performance with Amit Chaudhuri.

So much more than the final performance and paintings go into my work, and I would love to try and bring all the processes to the foreground this year. Apart from anything else, my studio is the hub of all that goes on in performance and is becoming like a Tableau Vivant where things happen and events take place, music is played, paintings happen, general experimentation occurs. It is in constant flux and is becoming an art object in itself, sometimes reminding me of a Cardiff/Bures Miller installation or a strange museum and sometimes I even feel that I am in a Tarkovsky film.

There are knapped flints from Suffolk, a gift of gears from a formula 1 racing car and coffee tins piled high with a candle on the top. There is also a sort of shrine, which has collected coloured boxes and ephemera and many of my paintings and collages are suspended like Tibetan prayer flags, almost for me becoming like devotional objects to particular pieces of music.

Photograph taken by a friend Mary Heneghan on a retreat in Tibet

POSTED: 04/1/11 2:25 PM