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Singing Colour, Action and Performance.

In my most recent collaborative Painting performances  interventions and actions I  have been utilising both moving light and transparent materials, such as  celaphane and polyeurathene which is  transparent, immersive and disposable, and discarded at the end of the performance. Initially I used these materials for their sound, as a  means for percussion (miked up on occasions) and I was thinking visually also of some of the history of paint in performance and in particular the Gutai artists work, and pioneers like Hermann Nitsch , some of the Vienna Actionists work and of course Carolee Schneeman’s  , where  gestural abstraction becomes interwoven with the body, movement and material. Painting becomes both spatial and durational. This fascinating history contains strong and fundamental links with sound and music too. Hermann Nitsch uses his own  music. Carollee Schneeman’s work I feel has a deep connection with music and some of my favourite work of her’s features collaborations with the composer James Tenney. More Recently I have also been looking at the work of Jean Debuffet and Asager Jorn’s fascinating collaboration and their uniquely transformative experiments with sound.

Performance with Singer Cleveland Watkiss

Singing Colour Collaborative Performance

Singing Colour

Collaborative Performance with Singer Cleveland Watkiss

It is this transformative and yet ephemeral quality of painting which continues to form a large part of performances. I  am less interested in the historical arguments which continue revolving around abstraction but rather I am engaged in it’s continued fluidity, its continued influence on society and media and it’s sensory nature, it’s  visceral power and ability via collaborative performance and action to transform experiences. Working with paint and with moving light, explores this further.

More recently I have been filming actions, which further a painterly dialogue but via Objects and places and are memory based,  being poetic and sensory  in nature. I will be disseminating this over the coming months and then showing this new body of work. A new film can be seen on the front page of this website featuring an ongoing collaboration with Norwegian filmaker Haavard Helle and composer Mira Calix. It is the beginning of some exciting work to come.

December 2016

Listning to:

Aphex Twin- Cheetah

Epicoytl- Portia Winters

Vijay Iyer /Wadada Leo Smith- A Cosmic Rhythmn with Each Stroke.

Roger Redgate and Matt Wright- Single Combat.


Samuel Beckett: Collected Poems.

Bernard O Donoghue: Cullen Church.

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