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Scene and Heard

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a conference at the South Bank Centre, as part of their Ether festival called ‘Scene and Heard” an innovative conference organized by Third Ear focusing on the fertile area of the sound and art and “Collaborations.” There were many interesting speakers particularly from arts organizations and art bodies.

After many hours of hearing about various collaborations with organisations and performance targets , funding issues and other such matters there was a session where artists and curators talked about the things they were involved in. Finally Sandra Naumann took to the platform talking excitedly and fluently and with great passion about “I see a sound” a magnificent show, which I unfortunately missed and took place a few years ago in Linz. Suddenly I realized why I was there!

It was wonderful and thrilling to hear someone speak in such depth about the area of which I find so fascinating and that I feel so passionately about, and to which not much has been theoretically explored or written…about the profound ways in which visual art crosses with music and visa versa, and I am very hopeful will provide a source for new a new partnership and enquiry. Many years ago I went to a brilliant conference, at the Royal Academy of Music taking its name from a brilliant book by Simon Shaw Miller called the “Visible Deeds of Music.”and subsequently organised some events there myself.

It is conferences like this that played a big part in getting me together with like-minded people whom I have since collaborated with. My collaborations, which are such an important part of my practice past, present and future have all been borne from a mutual passion for the fundamental linking of Visual Art and Music. So I look forward to more Scene and Heard’s.

POSTED: 05/5/11 10:09 AM