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Poetry, Lasers and Time

Earlier this year I collaborated with a composer and poet in Sheffield. We met in a wonderful lively and creative space called Bank Street Arts. The night before I had painted live in Sheffield Cathedral in a formal setting on Perspex to wonderful and complex Organ music by Maurice Durufle and Charles Tournemire.

Steven Chase (the composer) wired up my canvas and the poet’s (Angelina Ayres) table and we set about corresponding to the sounds created. I found it rather an enriching and meditative and timeless experience.

Durufle colours

I have always loved poetry that joins the senses whether it be George Herbert, Manley Hopkins or Charles Baudelaire or modern poets such as Wallace Stevens, Jamie McKendrick and Tom Paulin and Last month I went to a wonderful lecture by Seamus Heaney to launch his new book, and it struck me how visual my favorite poetry is.

I will be experimenting with this interaction between poetry, music and visual art further in my Correspondence workshop, taking place next month.  In the last year I have also been collaborating with improvising musicians and also with writer and Hindustani Singer Amit Chaudhuri and I am hoping to bring these musicians together with myself in the coming months.

I am reading a lot about colour at the moment. Strangely there is not a great deal written on the subject. Naturally I have always been fascinated by the idea of a colour in music. Not only my own experiences of it, but the physical spectacle of it and how that in turn can effect the capturing of time in music, art and words. Last month I met with Professor Simon Hooker at the Laser physics department in Oxford University. Excitingly we are thinking of how we can join forces! There will be more news to come with regards to this, next month. Finally, last week I took part in a fascinating Twitter interview with the great performance artist Marina Abramovic who has a show on at the moment at the Lisson Gallery and I asked her about how important the capturing of time was for her in her work. She answered “Time is everything and the longer the duration the better the art.” This resonated with me strongly. Performance and capturing time is now becoming my artwork.

POSTED: 10/20/10 12:41 PM