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Performance Painting at Modern Art Oxford

Paint and toys

It is just a couple of weeks since my painting performance at the Modern Art Oxford. I felt it was a great success and it has given me many new ideas and new directions. I had some terrific feedback too.

There was a great sense of drama created by the scale of the task (painting the whole length of the Upper Gallery)

Over the days leading up to the performance things slowly evolved. Firstly it was decided that rather than paint the actual gallery walls that a wall would be constructed, which I could hit with brushes, which could also create sounds. I also decided on the day of the performance that the polyurethane would be miked up to create  more sound.  In the afternoon I met with my collaborators Roger Redgate and Emmanuel Spinelli, and we spent an entire afternoon working out the space and importantly how we were going to improvise within it, using the sounds together with quiet amplification.  It was a real delight to work with such open and like-minded musicians.

Rowan-Hull,Redgate and Spinelli

Painting from Sounds

For the performance itself….. time seemed to disappear in an intense hour of creating sounds and colours and after the event I was asked whether I would hang onto the work. I said no. …and it was enough for me to take a few photographs as a record. Later in the day however, the boards were dismantled to reveal sections, which oddly looked like pages of notation of which I now hope will be used to create further work. Hopefully these great photographs and the film that is made from the event will somehow capture this special occasion and moment in time of my creative life.

Colours and Sound

Painting Sound

All Photographs by kind permission of Sisi Burn

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