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Real Time Sensory Art Performance in Iceland.

I recently staged a performance as part of the Sequences (Real Time Art) Festival in Reykjavik in Iceland . Here are some stills from a forthcoming film by Haarvard Helle of that performance, in which I used blue on a white background , a reversal of another performance for film which used blue on Black and featured a black cube (a recurring theme featuring in my new work) . The whole site specific performance was a meditation on time and the act of painting as a form of excersise and movement and perhaps an act of devotion within the moment.

Dripping Blue Paint.

Dripping Blue Paint in Iceland

There seemed to be a certain potency with the intervention within the incredible Icelandic landscape and hoping to perform there again soon. When I saw the space that I was to perform in, I assumed it would be freezing, and prepared myself for the worst, however when I opened the door to the building it was pumping warm, heated naturally and geothermally via large heated pipes underground. The only props I had was Paint, a miked up Canvas and a wall behind, the sounds of paint occasionally surreally interspersed by clicking tyres of cars passing by with snow tyres.

Recently, I have recently been listening to the wonderful 18 Microtonal Ragas by John Cage by the Dhrupad and experimental singer Amelia Cuni which I find very visual and am working visually with some of these pieces at the moment. A few Years ago now I performed with the Hindustani singer and writer Amit Chaudhuri and I am continuing re reading and layering the work that I did in that 2 hour performance. John Cage created some beautiful art too, and I was pleased to find that there is now a John Cage page dedicated to his art

June 2015

Listning to- Kamasi Washington – The Epic.

Kendrick Lamar-To Pimp a Butterfly.

Vijay Iyer- Break Stuff.

Andrea Keller-Wave Rider.

Blue on White Performance Painting in Iceland

Blue on White Performance Painting

Performance Film Still

Performance Film Still

Pouring/Painting Performance

Pouring/Painting Performance

Paint Performance

Paint Performance

Performance Painting In Iceland

Performance/Film Still.

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