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Sound Painting.

Tryptych of Paintings on Perspex, primed Canvas, and Under Window.

Paintings in my Studio.

In an event a few years ago now, I worked with a poet and a composer in Sheffield. It was a pivitol exploratory moment for me as for the first time, I  focussed on just sounds I was creating on Canvas as much as, if not more than on the visualisation. It was miked up, and I found it mesmerising and was excited by it. Previously, I had used this in a performance at Ronnie Scotts, when I miked some canvas’s up. I used this effect also, on a much larger scale in the performance at Modern Art Oxford, and then more recently at the South Bank with Cornelious Cardew’s Treatise Score. In these exciting performances, it felt as though there were no particularly barriers between the artforms. Sound, Notation, Painting, movement all became interlinked, becoming a cross sensory Jigsaw.

Ekphransis Painting

Sound Painting

In the last couple of weeks I received the original sound recordings from those performances and have been revisiting them and isolating the sounds. Not watching the performance painting is an odd experience though  fascinating and fruitful. Surrounded as I am in my studio, by relics of performances. It makes me focus on the memory of certain moments and sounds. The sounds of a performance, the individual movements and associated traces are vital and an important part of telling the ongoing story of my work.

Treatise by Cardew Performance Painting (Now destroyed)

Finished performance piece.

May 27th 2013.

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