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I thought I would take the opportunity in my first blog as such to introduce myself and briefly describe what I do and why I do it.

I am a visual artist who works mostly live in performance with Music. This work has evolved partly through my own joint practice as an artist and musician and through my own unique experience of seeing music and hearing colour as one.My work seeks to extend the ideas associated and generated by Action, Improvisation and Music through Colour and Gesture. My creative process is to fuse Musical and Visual concerns in order to test the limits of artistic practice via performance, exploring where these two art forms join and divide. The eventness of performance creates work that cannot be repeated which is in a very strong sense singular, to the moment, combining both a product and a process. Like site specific sculpture, my work raises questions about the ontological status of the art work.

The creation in performances are to become as critical as the image making itself with footage from performances now forming the focus. The work created during these exciting performances, concerned not so much about the final product, but the conceptual and performed efforts entailed in pushing painting and image making out of its frame. I intend to highlight this further, via a performances concentrating particularly on a wide and expansive diversity of music, reiterating my approach towards the transitory and ephemeral process of making art and music.

I am also interested in exploring the history of Colour, music and sound through my own practice, and am at the moment am planning to construct a device alike a Colour Organ, which I believe will form a pivotal role in my further performances.

Oxford. September 16th 2010.

POSTED: 09/17/10 4:02 PM