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“Landscape, and the Passage of a Time.”

In the past few months I have been travelling  in Arizona.

The Landscape there is absolutely extraordinary and I love it. Whilst there I travelled to a place called “Sunset Crater”. The landscape was so new, almost as if the the Volcano had just happened, only betrayed by some knarly old trees, dead amongst the black landscape. There amongst this landscape were these very beautiful, fragile red flowers swaying in the hot desert breeze. The colour reminded me of my own performance paintings, especially those on black. It also got me thinking again about time , and making my mark of colour on it and then colour upon blackness perhaps being highly symbolic of this passing of time.

The Incredible Volcanic Landscape of Sunset Crater.

Sunset Crater

flower in volcanic crater

A Flower inside a volcanic landscape in Arizona

I sense this at home also, when I am walking through the oak woods near to my studio. Looking at a hundred or two year old Oaks and thinking about what has happened and is happening in the lifetime of  a tree. Human life is a bit like a mushroom in comparison. This cyclical passing of time is mentioned quite a lot in the show on at the moment by Anselm Kiefer at the Royal Academy of Art. For myself, I was even more impressed by a show I saw of his in London in the 1980’s called High Priestess which eloquently made the point that time can be contained and unseen,  in a series of gigantic lead bookcases of which the viewer was completely dwarfed by.

Time is further  highlighted by the decay in my studio which is now starting to fall down. I am documenting this happening and will be filming some performances in the coming months as the winter descends. I feel a new era is dawning in my work as the Autumn begins and the light drops.

Decaying Studio

Studio Scene (Film Still)

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