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Improvisations, Correspondences and the Canyons.

Here are some improvised performance paintings I have become fascinated with in the last months. By looking at these colours, textures and shapes  I can remember the certain shifting chords, and the intense recollections of painting them. Whenever I hear in passing, for instance a bit of Messiaen or Shostakovich, It takes me back in an instance to the exact time and experience of the performance, and at the moment I am collating the passages of music (notation) that they originated from, researching the “correspondences” that the passages of paintings contain. The Colours in some way provide markers for the shifting music. I am returning to the paintings, remembering in the words of the late Michael Stanley, “Its all about Painting”.

Sainsbury Centre Performance Painting

Sainsbury Centre Performance Painting

Walls Of Water Performance Painting

Walls Of Water, Liverpool Met Cathedral Performance Painting

Speaking of improvisation, it was wonderful to hear that Cecil Taylor was awarded the prestigious Kyoto Prize, the first time an improvising musician has ever been awarded one.

There are some great shows on at the moment, which show the contemplation of Correspondences that interest me. At the Venice Biennale there is an Anri Sala installation on work by Ravel. There is a big  Andres Thomkins exhibition on in Lichtenstein at the moment, There is also a great Takesada Matsutani show on in London. His performance “Stream” is beautiful, and also a great source of inspiration for it’s simplicity. The Gutai movement from which he was involved, I am currently researching. In sound,both Ryoji Ikeda and Haroon Mirza have exciting shows on different sides of the globe and there is a fascinating show at Calvert 22 in London about Experimental Music and Art in Eastern Europe, and for Cross sensory Performance work, there is the amazing Mike Kelly retrospective at the Pompidou in Paris.

There is also a huge sensory light show of James Turrel’s on currently at the Gugenheim in New York. The last time I saw his work was at the Gagosian in London, where I nearly broke my ankle, gazing in wonder at colour changes in a restricted space with a gap. Fortunately, I was saved,by a black suited Gagosian bodyguard.  Turrel’s work often reminds me of those mesmerisng Jordan Belsen films, some of his groundbreaking film work can be seen in September at Raven Row Gallery. In Arizona he has acquired the huge Rodan Crater, where one can (from 2014) view light from different angles and perspectives and In the coming months I am setting off, to work in and experience the Vortexes and Canyons of Arizona for myself. In recent weeks I have rediscovered Messiaen’s great masterwork “From the Canyons to the Stars” which derives from the area, which will give me all the strength needed for my own future exhibitions films and performances.

New Reading and Listening.

Listening–Exai- Autechre

Tap-John Zorn/Pat Metheny

Silent Comedy/Big Sur –Bill Frisell

Des canyons aux etoiles/ Coleurs de la Cité Céleste-Olivier Messiaen.

July 2013.

Reading-More Than Meat Joy-Carolee Schneemann

Yves Klein. With the Void, Full Powers

Nocturne -James Attlee

Josef Albers and Wassily Kandinsky: Friends in Exile. A Decade of Correspondence

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