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I Am Nature

Just immediately prior to the pandemic, I staged two collaborative performances. The first being a complex collaboration featuring voices and dance. The second a more stripped down event with singer Cleveland Watkiss (with whom I had worked with before)  and dancer Lavinia Cascone.

For this I planned, that instead of working on an upright surface as I normally do, that I would instead work on the floor with colour and onto Lavinia’s body and onto my own, interconnecting in a sensory way with Cleveland’s voice. In the past year I had travelled to Thailand, and stayed with a hill tribe with my family in the Northern Hills. There was a moving ceremony when we left which involved us dancing around a central point to a rhythm. I wanted to in some way reflect on this in the performance.  The result can be seen here and at times we all seem to come together in a powerful and intimate way via different our own respective art forms. It felt as though we were all painting and mark making .

Performance with Paint Voice and Movement

I cannot wait to work with Cleveland and Lavinia again. The Title “I am Nature” is from a poem I love of the same name by Tom Paulin. I also use some particularly visual text from Finnegans Wake suggested to me by a dear friend, which seemed to fit with the whole experience.

I hope you enjoy it.

June 2021.

“I am Nature”

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