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Hearing Visions and Musical Windows in my Studio

I have recently been spending a little bit more time in my studio and am lucky enough at last to have a big space in which to look and listen, although nearly all my imagery now is done in performance and in the moment. For writing and ideas in general, coffee shops are my favourite places and these also operate like studio’s and places of contemplation for me.

My most recent piece I have produced in my studio is a window placed on top of a painting produced in a performance. I recently showed some work in Sheffield where some pieces I faced outwards on the windowsill. (I also displayed paint pots used in production) making the process of the paintings the focal point.

Looking in from outside I became fascinated by seeing the finished pieces from the outside but not inside the gallery.I reconstructed this recently in my studio (not a coffee shop.)

I have long been fascinated and have a deep love for the work of Andre Thomkins and particuarly his weird, unworldly Lackskin works of which I have mentioned before in these musings, and have been enthralled by a film which I saw in Picadilly a few years ago where the process trancends the final piece, not unlike the infamous Pollock/ Hans Nemuth film but I suppose working more tentitavely and organically sometimes directly with sound.

Much of my work is now on Perspex and I have surrounded my studio with these pieces which almost take on a stained glass appearance, in what Seamus Heaney named “shifting brilliances” painted during various performances and placing them amoungst things and various objects I have collected over time which appeal to me and also, interestingly even placing them with vastly different music and changing their context. Juxtaposing moments captured behind a window of time.

POSTED: 03/17/11 11:51 PM