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Experimenting with the I Pad 2.

Just this week I have been introduced to a magnificent new app for the i.pad which I will definitely be using in a performance next month.

It is based on Ligetti’s piece Artikulations of 1958 and this app could have been made especially for me and for my way of working. It allows me to put down a colour however simply, and or Gesture to create an immediate notation, and then to layer on top of that.

I actually did this successfully in a performance at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club a few years ago now , with the Virtuoso trumpeter Gerard Presencer who played phrases of which I painted to and to which were then looped via an effects pedal.  Gerard then interpreted this and then I visualized it in turn, producing an exciting layering effect.For more revcent performances too, I have sort of been doing this inside my head, looping passages and working on them organically. I really believe that this app will really open up a new way of producing and I am in touch with the developers of the app to see how it can be enhanced for performance. All very exciting.

visualisations from latest performances on Perspex and Canvas.

As I have mentioned in these pages, I have been starting to play the keyboard to illustrate ideas in my workshops and so now I feel it is now time to bring my own improvising into performances and to perform with the I Pad  and with music with paint and see what unfolds.

Also I have been listening to the magnificent Autechre’s freeform Oversteps lately which I feel for some reason goes tremendously well with some of my Perspex pieces.

I have been experimenting with putting different musics as well as visualisations together too, after seeing a website which put together visualizations of Ligetti, Autechre and Reich. By accident I played them all together and it sounded fantastic . In the privacy of my studio I have been trying this out together with juxtaposing my own work to diverse music’s and even lights and materials and am thinking about this as a way of displaying in future shows.

Performance work 2011

Canvas and Perspex

POSTED: 06/30/11 10:53 AM