Colour & Music Links

Displaying Performances.

Over the coming months I shall be exploring the displaying of my ongoing work. Apart from the odd show here and there, and many performances over the last couple of years, my work now demands a new setting to make it resonate more clearly. I am currently looking into ways of showing the way in which my work relates to directly sound.

Painting and film

Exhibit at Wolfson College 2010

I am also hoping very much to show my work alongside the work of André Thomkins who I believe uniquely explored the coming together of sound and paint. There have been some wonderful big shows recently on visual music, and sound art including a great show I was involved in recently called Eye Music, but none which have really explored painting and sound.

Paintings and Film of performance

Show of work in Bank Street Arts in Sheffield 2010

I am always fascinated by Colour as a concept, how it is perceived, the unique way we see it, how it can be created physically and how colour can relate to time via music. All these ideas are being explored in my work at present. This month I will also be collaborating further with Roger and Chris Redgate looking at our work in, relation to Graphic scores, microtonality and art produced via performance. I am also planning performances and installations ,which will use Music, Lasers and maybe poetry too.

POSTED: 11/15/10 3:52 PM