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I have been to some really fascinating shows recently, which are giving me further ideas about my own practice and displaying it. The first being the dutch artist  Manon de Boer whose exhibition at the fantastic South London galleries I saw a couple of weeks ago, which I thought unusually and eloquently explored the senses. One particular film observed people observing John Cage’s 4 min 33 secs and another showed Improvised dancing captured on Camera and then the viewer was just left with the sound. I found these particularly powerful as by highlighting and isolating the visual and auditory senses, created a powerful overall experience. (See John Cage’s Artwork here)

I was also really interested in the sound installations of Haroon Mirza whose work I thought was a highlight and most thought provoking of the ongoing British Art Show7 show which I saw at the new Nottingham Contemporary. I notice that he just last week won the Northern Art prize.

I am interested in exploring the sounds made in my own work and am working on pieces, which reflect this interest at the moment.

I also really enjoyed the Len Lye show at the Ikon Gallery. I went expecting moving colour and the important light and happy films, which of course there were. What was unexpected for me were the huge kinetic sculptures which I found extraordinary and mesmerizing, creating colours in sound and unexpected tensions.

Recently I have also been listening to music, and in particular music which focus’s on heightening the visual and auditory senses including Bill Frisell and John Zorn. It was a Bill Frisell performance, many years ago where I first thought about my visual experiences of colour. Interestingly, a few years ago he started the 858 Quartet following a project creating music from Gerhard Richter’s paintings. This interest has led me to the fascinating music of Mira Calix whose strange ethereal mixing and collaging of sound fascinates me. Her work seems to me to be painting in sound and I am very much looking forward to possibly collaborating with her later this year.

Collage (Mixed Media) in box

Assemblage of architecture photographs and paintings

Collages have always been a central part of my practice and I often see musical analogies within them. I love the groundbreaking collages of Kurt Schwitters, John Heartfield and  more recently Peter Kennard . There is also a great show on at the Whitechapel of collages by John Stezaker . The music of modern experimental composers such as Calix has reopened my eyes for this visual work in a cross sensual way.

28th Jan 2011.

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