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Correspondences in Iceland 15 (iii)

Following on from my previous blogs, Here are some of the most recent stills from the film I have been working on.

Performance Space Painting

Performance Space Painting (Film Still)

Still from forthcoming Film

Still from Forthcoming Film

Film Still for forthcoming film.


These images are the latest which reflect my continued exploration of process and the encapsulating of time in my work. In the coming months I will be tying the images together with filmmaker Håvard Helle with music and sound.

This weekend, I contributed a physical painting performance to the exciting “Sequences, Real Time Art Festival” in Reykyavik. The time-based solo performance took up the theme of Plumbing (the theme of the festival) and was filmed in a space immediately opposite the Kling and Bang gallery, where there was an exciting show of Carollee Schneeman’s work. The performance also reflected upon her work. Following my performance I crossed the road to see a showing of Fuses, and an interesting talk between Ragnar Kjartansson and Carollee.

A particular highlight of the shows and performances i went to was an amazing performance by Styrmir Orn Guomundsson called the death show, reflecting upon Death, Life and the passing of time at turns humorous and moving. There were also very interesting sound works by Finnbogi Petursson and Helga Griffiths .

Asides from the exciting festival, I also got to see the incredible Harpa building that lights up at night. An extraordinary and beautiful sight.

Harpa Reykjavik

Beautiful Harpa Building.

Listning to:

To Pimp a Butterfly- Kendrick Lamar

Damogen Furies-Squarepusher.

Epocotyl-Portia Winters.

Radhe Radhe-Rites of Holi. Music by Vijay Iyer.


Sound-Unbound-Paul D Miller

“Rite Of Passage” The Early Years of Vienna Actionism. Snoeck.

April 2015.

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