North Wall Arts

Oxford, UK


152.40 cm x 121.92 cm


  • Amit Chaudhuri (Hindustani Vocalist, Composer)
  • Hanif Khan (Tabla)
  • Adam Moore (Guitar)
  • Bart Dietrich (Piano-Keyboards)
  • Paul Williams

Musical Works

  • Layla Riff to Todi
  • Summertime
  • Freewheling Jog
  • Motz
  • All India Radio
  • On Broadway
  • One Fine Day
  • Country Hustle
  • Rain
  • Sarwaswati
  • Sympathy for The Devil


About the Performance Painting

For this performance Amit and I discussed at length the programme for me to work with. During the performance I completed 7 pieces, 4 of them on Perspex facing the Audience. I also used projections of Indian, American and British Flags which I had painted for a commission about 5 years ago, these set the visual tone for each piece reflecting the main theme of Indian music meeting western. In the first half I worked freely interpreting colour, gesture and texture as I saw it happening with the music, adopting a method I had used previously at Ronnie Scotts a few years ago. In the Second I used elements of line, tracing the sound of Amit’s voice, and also writing a type of unknown script, having in my mind Rembrandts painting Belshazzar’s Feast where an unknown script appears on the wall infront of the subjects.

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