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Capturing and Curating the Moment.

At present I am listening to Muhal Richard Abrams in my studio creating wonderful shifting chords and unexpected improvised colours. It is a recorded performance from around twenty years ago, yet sounding as if it is being created now. I’ve also recently been listening to some fresh sounding Anthony Braxton which is captured on vinyl with incredible artwork containing the shapes from whence the music came. Both these musicians continue to be a great influence on my work, and their forward thinking approach to music set up the Association for the advancement of Creative Musicians. Artists using sound are using Vinyl in the same way as a way of capturing sound as a product, and recently there have been records released by Haroon Mirza, (whom I talked with last year) Martin Creed, and Christian Marclay. I am also becoming fascinated by the legacy of sounds created in my own performances. Distilling the essence of performance is always a dichotomy for me, of which I am constantly addressing in the work I make, especially recently, whereby I am collating performance work, speaking of which I have noticed recently that my performance paintings of years ago, in public collections can now be seen on the BBC “Your Paintings” website. Parts of my studio at the moment, remind me sometimes of my informative visits many years ago to John and Myfanwy Piper’s house and seeing their incredible mantelpieces and bookshelves with  fascinating collections of things special to them and also more recently to Tom Phillips’ amazing house/Studio to which I recently visited. When Myfanwy Piper died in 1996, I was kindly allowed by the family and with Piper’s collaborator Geoffery Eastop to take documentary photographs of the house, some of these are in a recent book by Art Historian Frances Spalding on the Pipers.

Reunion with my old College friend Martin Hughes

In My Studio.

I saw Keith Jarrett recently at a rare London performance, and during the show I was incredibly aware of the preciousness of the moment, with the ability of this talented pianist to conjure and enhance, even vamp uniqueness in the moment, which I think perhaps makes him so popular with audiences. I was aware again of this capturing and enhancing a moment in a terrific talk by the great South African artist William Kentridge in Oxford recently about the process of making his art. It utilised film of him working to illustrate this, juxtaposed with him talking in person. It was most effective, almost making the talk itself become like the finished piece of work. Following this was a talk by the curator Ivo Mesquita who talked about the influence of Lina Bo Bardi on the way architecture can effect the curation of art, looking in particular at the Sao Paolo museum of Modern Art. Here the Artworks are excitingly suspended, enabling the viewer to navigate around it, enhancing the temporal quality of the art. There has also been a recent show curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist about Bo Bardi’s incredible glass house, which is at one with nature and has been an inspiration to artists.

May 2013.

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