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Asides on a Lupophon

This month I am collaborating with a virtuoso Oboe player and guitarist  on a performance which will  build upon work I have done in the last year exploring  the ways in which the processes of painting, composition and improvising. This time it will be with the brand new  instrument the Lupophon (Bass Oboe) and Tibetan Bowls as well as the newly designed oboe (the first redesign for over 200 years) I have always been intrigued by the Oboe, and it was my always my favourite instrument when very young. I loved the way it was so hard to play, and the way that on recordings (the finished paintings of music) you could hear the p…p …p of the sound being produced.

There is a great poem by Wallace Stevens who wrote some lovely poetry about music and art including one called “Asides on an Oboe” to where this quiet quality of power is alluded to.

I have also always been drawn to the power of quiet improvising as well as classical players such as the frail beauty of Art Pepper, Dinu Lipatti, the squeezing out of a note of Miles Davis  (A child once described his sound as that man who couldn’t get out of a cupboard) and the quiet  harmonic beauty of Bill Evans…I could go on.

Anyway the quiet contemplative nature of the oboe with another of my new favorites…. the classical guitar, for which interestingly not much modern music has been written, together with the sonic beauty of Tibetan bowls and the sounds of paint on Perspex will be a great treat for me.

POSTED: 05/12/11 8:46 PM