• Mile End Studio


122cm x 91cm


  • Neil Heyde
  • Christopher Redgate (Oboe)

Musical Works

  • Improvisations

Video Documentation

Acrylic Variations

About the Performance Painting

Eight pieces were created in a studio environment for a film collaboration with Optic Nerve. This was to coincide with an exhibition in London in 2008/9 and was the first performance which was entirely improvised following on from a collaboration with these two musicians at the Royal Academy of Music as part of the South Bank Festival “From the Canyon to the Stars” to celebrate the Centenary of Olivier Messiaen. Particularly successful I felt are numbers 5 to 8 where the musicians start responding to my gestures and colour.

The film was premiered at Wolfson College in Oxford to mark my appointment as Creative Arts Fellow. The film will be shown along with some of the work produced in Sheffield and London this year.