Musical Works

2021. Performance Painting and Movements.

As we enter a new year and new hope.  I thought it a good time to bring into the world a collaborative performance and an artistic highlight from my 2020. Just prior to the Pandemic which altered our whole lives, I staged a collaborative performance with the multi talented Singer and musician Cleveland Watkiss and dancer and artist Lavinia Cascone.

Collaborative Performance Movements

Performance Movement

It was a completely improvised piece which created movement and colour to live electronics and vocal improvisations, and I hope to stage further performances with this cross sensory trio.

I have produced a body of work from this performance, and in the resultant film that can be seen on this site a painting is produced from our various movements. I felt it explored the sensory elements and colours of the voice and created its own intensity.

I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2021.

Performance with Lavinia Cascone and Cleveland Watkiss

About the Performance Painting